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Founder-CEO Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is an activist, journalist, attorney, filmmaker, and public speaker. An open survivor of childhood abuse for which she did not receive justice because of corruption; she co-launched Stand UP! Foundation in 2011. Focused on rights activism empowerment, Palesa works with a vibrant collective of interconnected local and global causes on the ground and online - including for our children and our poor; against abuse and corruption; as well as for movements like Free Palestine. In 2013 she was honoured with the Lady Fathima [peace be upon her] social justice award for work with Children and Women. Her favourite activities include spirituality; social justice; freedom solidarity; challenging privilege, politicians and puppets; and meaningful forms of film, art and poetry. She is a member of Anonymous and Occupy and supports Wikileaks. Twitter: @ShabnamPalesaMo Insta: Afrikan Warrior Queen. 

Deputy-Chairperson Douglas Ritson is a dedicated activist with a special focus on animal and earth social justice. He is also an entrepreneur and photo-videographer. Coming from a healthy and safety background, Douglas was often exposed to environmental issues. So in 2010 together with friends, he started their first Environmental group effort. Since then, Doug has been involved with diverse campaigns from anti-fracking to rhino rights. It was in 2013 that he started to immerse himself in human rights social justice via Stand UP's evolving and expanding portfolio. Douglas enjoys building synergistic community initiatives.

Treasurer: Namhla Tengwa

·         Deputy Chair Umtapo Students Movement

·         Treasurer of SLSJ [Students for Law and Social Justice]

Deputy Treasurer: Pearl Khumalo

·         Tsoha Director

·         Epic Youth Matters Youth Worker

·         SLSJ UKZN Howard College Chairperson 2016

·         Umtapo Students' Movement UKZN Project Officer 2016

 Secretary General: Wiseman Simphiwe

Wiseman is an activist who is especially passionate about the human rights of our HomeLess and Poor. He is also a soccer coach who runs tournaments for underprivileged youth, where they also share life skills and education empowerment.

Deputy Secretary-General: Thabani Mrau

Thabani is an activist who specializes in working with our HomeLess and Poor. He is also strongly supportive of the right to free, quality, non-elite education.  A self-taught artist, Thabani uses art to express himself and to reflect the world around us in beautiful ways.