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Bambanani Social Justice [BSJ]

Bambanani [an isisZulu word meaning Hold On Together] practices Social Justice Through Law and Rights.

VISION: Working with individuals, groups, organisations and communities; Bambanani activates creative, multipronged, effective approaches to rights empowerment and social justice in diverse spaces like schools, universities, communities, courts and other areas.


MISSION: To breathe reality into the natural, common and constitutional rights to justice through:

1. Advice: Holistic solutions-based legal advice

2. Litigation: With a special emphasis on Equality Courts

3. Education: Rights focused empowerment campaigns

4. Training: Social justice for individuals, groups, organisations

5. Research: Innovative grassroots and online capacity building

6. Advocacy: Utilising diverse spaces to act in the publics' best interests

7. Empowerment: Empowering communities to work together for change


OBJECTIVES: Bambanani is a social justice law unit - centre where people of all ages and backgrounds:

Learn about participatory human rights democracy

Empower themselves and others via our workshops

Secure representation for mediation and/or litigation

Institute class actions for public interest/benefit cases

Test Equality courts, the public protector and the IPID etc

Receive training that they can use to build community courts

Have their voices heard via Amandla News on discrimination cases

Feature in social justice films that promote and defend equality


Here is BSJ's Profile-Proposal for interested people, communities, stakeholders, and investors.