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Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is an activist, multimedia journalist, attorney, filmmaker, and public speaker. She served 2 board terms for the Advice Desk for the Abused co-founded by former United Nations judge Navi Pillay and sociology professor Dr Anshu Padayachee. A survivor of childhood abuse for which she did not see justice because of corruption; Shabnam co-launched Stand UP! Foundation in 2011. Focused on rights activism empowerment, Palesa works with a vibrant collective of local and global causes on the ground and online - including for our children and our poor; against abuse; for service delivery; and against corruption. She is a member of the Common Law KZN and is active in initiatives for transformation in law, rights and justice for all.

Douglas Themba Ritson

Deputy-Chairperson Douglas Ritson is an activist [with a special focus on animal and earth social justice]; an entrepreneur and a photo-videographer. Coming from a healthy and safety background, Douglas was often exposed to environment related issues. So in 2010 together with friends, he started their first Environmental group effort. Since then, Doug has been involved with diverse campaigns from anti-fracking to rhino rights. It was in 2013 that he started to immerse himself in human social justice via Stand UP's expanding portfolio.

Pearl Khumalo

  • Tsoha Director
  • Epic Youth Matters Youth Worker
  • SLSJ UKZN Howard College Chairperson 2016
  • Umtapo Students' Movement UKZN Project Officer 2016

Nikhiel Sbu Deeplal

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” While many understand injustice and poverty as a concept, it is only when change makers and organisations like the Stand UP! foundation address the realities of poverty and injustice can the world ever change. In a time in our history when we have the paper which gives us freedom, we see freedom being just that, a piece of paper and being part of such an organization means that we can take those who affected the most one step closer to freedom in the actual sense of the word.

Namhla Tengwa

  • Deputy Chair Umtapo Students Movement
  • Treasurer of SLSJ [Students for Law and Social Justice]

Rishaad Ally

I am an activist, information communications technology professional, reptile specialist and nature conservationist. Due to my own personal experiences with injustice; I have become more passionate about human rights, with a special interest in children's rights and gender equality. I decided to join and assist Stand UP!  as I believe strongly in and support the vital and much needed hard work being undertaken for the ultimate goal of 'true justice for all". I am humbled, honoured and blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of team that is striving for much needed change during these troubled times.

Khaya Maseko

Khaya Maseko is a Writer from Kwazulu, eThekwini. He is a Researcher and Journalist at the Chaotic Front, an online blog based on the values of self-governance and improved quality of life. He is an executive member of Nowadays Poetry Organisation for 10 years, as well as a vocal activist in the war against bad governance. He brings a plethora of socio-political and multimedia expertise to Bambanani Social Justice.

Shaheed Mahomed 

  • Founder member,  of Unemployed Workers' Movement
  • First Secretary of WECUWU Western Cape Unemployed Workers Union
  • Ex- organiser of Paper Printing Wood and Allied Workers Union
  • Ex-organiser THOR Transport Union
  • Ex-Volunteer Oil Chemical Transport Union (OCGAWU)
  • Cape Town Chair of Anti-War Coalition
  • Secretary of Workers International Vanguard League

brother thomas 

bt is the current administrator for UZA.  “we are jural activists and have done much research into sovereignty, common law, customary law, concepts of law etc. especially on jurisdiction and subject-matter-jurisdiction; and, which most of the legal buffs do not even comprehend". bt is an environmentalist who has been a seeker of truth since a boy and who was finally fully awakened by pioneer, Johan Joubert in January 2011 around the time of his un-timely passing over.